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SACMA is world leder in designing and manufacturing of progressive headers, combined headers, cold forging and warm forming machines, for the manufacture of screw, bolts, and secial shaped parts.

Since 1939, year of foundation, SACMA experienced a constant growth and continuous improvement, gaining a wide recognition worldwidw, thanks to the high technological quality achievements. In the industry, it is considered the most modern and advanced plant in the world.


INGRAMATIC is a long established company in the field of production systems for screws and special fasteners.

Founded in 1966 INGRAMATIC has produced and distributed all over the world more than 3.000 thread rolling machines, becoming the leading mark not only in Italy but worldwide. Since 2004 INGRAMATIC is part of the SACMA Group, representing a unique technical, productive and commercial synergy concept.

Our products are complementing the SACMA Limbiate production range of forging equipment, in particular associated to the progressive header range, for thread rolling of high tensile bolts, screws and special fasteners also with washer assembly. All components are engineered and manufactured in the SACMA factories of Limbiate and Vimercate OBM. Within the Castelnuovo Scrivia factory is located the assembly division, testing division, warehouse and technical office.


The RMG and Lewis Machine names are synonymous wih wire Straightening and Cuting. Our Machines can be found in wire product shops in most of the western world. Known for their robustness, many of the Lewis machines built over the last 100 years are still oprating. The easy to set up RMG machines are durable too RMG's serial number 93101, built in 1993, was recently in our sho for a minor refurbishment and update. We are proud to be providing machines whose life is measured in decades, not merely years.

We produce the most efficient, reliable and cost efective production Inline Wire Drawing machinery available to support the very foundations of maufacturing; the fastener industries, the wire products industries, the construction industries and the steel wire and rod industries.


Weighpack is specialist in development and production of inspection and weighing machines as well as complete packaging lines for technical products. For many years Weighpack International is providing heavy duty, high quality packaging lines, therefore our machines guarantee reliability and safety. We know how important flexibility is, that is why we always construct flexible custom made machines.

Our company motto is Thinking Ahead, what means that in every Weighpack machine, you will find the innovation solution as increased precision and efficiency. A company with a sound financial basis and more than 40 years experience guarantees common success and win-win situation.


Caber Impianti srl was founded in 1976 with the aim to fulfill the washing requirements of small parts producers.

During the time, Caber Impianti srl has become a leader in this field for its good prices and quality.

Caber Impianti srl is located in a new and modern building with 3450 mq, including engineering, production area, electrical and electronics department. Our warehouse is reliable on components immediate despatch.

Caber Impianti srl is able to supply a wide series of machines for cleaning every kind and quantity of production.

Caber Impianti srl is trusted and reliable factory which includes, among its many customers, a number of international small and big metal parts manufacturers. Moreover, a network of agents and distributors spreaded quite all over the world, has been increasing our customers' trust for years.

Wrentham Tool Group

Wrentham Tool Group has been a leading supplier of cold heading tools since its founding as Wrentham Steel Products in Wrentham, MA, USA in 1948 and is the longest operating and most experienced recess header tool manufacturer in the world. WTG has undergone many changes since then including ISO 9001:2008 certification and continues to re-invent itself to better serve the ever changing global market. Year after year, WTG continues to outperform the competition and expand its product line and operations. As a result of this dedication to continuous improvement, WTG has become the market leader in a wide range of hot and cold heading tools.

In 2004, WSP was purchased by Phillips Screw Company and became Wrentham Tool Products. Phillips Screw Company is the original patent holder of the PHILLIPS® recess as well as several recesses such as the MORTORQ® Super and HEXSTIX®. Phillips Screw Company engineers work with Wrentham Tool engineers on a day to day basis to ensure the highest quality products are shipped around the world to Wrentham's diverse customer base.

In July 2010, WTG purchased RICOTM and ASTRO® from PCC Specialty Products Inc. RICOTM and ASTRO® are known around the world for their high quality industrial, automotive, and aerospace punches and associated tooling. As a result of this acquisition, Wrentham Tool Products was renamed Wrentham Tool Group. The close proximity of RICOTM/ASTRO® allowed WTG to retain most of its highly skilled work force.

In April 2012, Wrentham acquired the Acument Pin Shop from Acument Global Technologies, Inc. The Acument Pin Shop was the preliminary manufacturing location for TORX®, TORX PLUS®, and TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT blanks for use as the basic instrument for manufacturing finished tools.


The TRAMEV society wants to proposes itself to the market of metal wire, of the rope-making machines and the derivatives as a supplier of shears and technical standard or special accessories, with the objective to give to clients a qualitative and more efficient service.

TRAMEV proposes itself to the metal wires, wire ropes and wire derivatives manufacturers, both as a supplier of new standard or special accessories and as partner for the solution of technical problems, with the policy of partnership needed to reach, together with the client, the qualitative and quantitative enhancement of the production.

TRAMEV SHEARS DIVISION. With our light and portable tools, to cut, to cut off, to bend, to straighten is now a very easy operation. The TRAMEV shears line offers a full range of portable tools for cutting, straightening or bending of metal wire, allowing a fast and effective solution to the problems related to wire, cable, strand and bolts and nuts.



High Precision Inspection Systems: Regg Inspection designs and manufactures high quality inspection systems with modular design. The company has a highly skilled technical staff, which is able to design and manufacture the highest quality inspection systems in the market.


We at Trafilerie San Paolo drawn steel wire coils raw, annealed phosphate coated in a range of diameters from 2,00 to 42,00 mm.

We supply the main cold heading companies in Europe producing fasteners and special items: they use our steel qualities for the manufactoring of low resistance screws, self-tapping screws and medium and high resistance bolts and nuts or special fastening components.

We have been in this market since 1966 and therefore customers can look at us as reliable supplier in terms of quality and service as well as in terms of availability to find all possible solutions to improve production and quality of cold heading technologies.

OCS srl

OCS srl is a company founded towards the end of 1970s, when it started producing printing equipments, including cold-heading, standard and special printing equipments and fastening devices for bolts and screws.


TECNOPRESS manufactures products of new generation:



TECNOPRESS is the reliable partner for:

– Modifications and customizations of special components made by the internal technical office

– Analysis and innovations to fulfil CE regulations

– Refurbishing and full rebuilding of header and threadrolling

– Production on customer ‘s drawings of mechanical parts in small and big quantities with a wide shop floor equipped with old and new technology machines

– Sales of used and rebuilt cold headers with 24 months guarantee

About Santech

Santech Industrial Technologies is a high tech machine and equipment supplier company, specialized for supplying any kind of equipment for fasteners and fixing producer companies. Santech cooperates and represents the world leading machine and equipment producers for the fastener & fixing industries.

Including cold forging-heading presses, flat-planetary-cylindrical thread rolling machines, inspection machines, secondary operation and tapping machines, wire sraightening, cutting and bending machines, washer assembling machines, washing machines, heat treatment and coating lines, cold and hot forging lubricants and soaps-chemicals for wire drawing, thread Rolling dies, punches, carbides and pins, tool design trainings and tool.

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